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    Each new generation of the Porsche 911 introduces new heresy into the model’s storied history. Purists bemoan technological advances, but enthusiasts still buy 911s as fast as Porsche makes them. Porsche updates the 911 portfolio with the Turbo, Turbo S and GT3 models. No disrespect to the Turbo S — it’s the fastest 911 on the lot — but the GT3 is still the... Read More

    Boxster 718
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    The 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster and Boxster S keep the racing heritage of the 718 line alive in a luxury vehicle you can drive every day. If you hadn’t noticed, they aren’t just “Boxsters” any more, but have gained the “718” in their name. This pays homage to racers Porsche built starting in the 1950s, but unknown to many owners. They used the flat-four engine design, and Porsche is bringing that technology to the new 718 Boxsters.... Read More

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    If there’s one thing the Porsche Cayenne needed, it was more power; after all, the best last year’s Cayenne could do was 500 horsepower in Turbo guise. Clearly, we jest. On the list of thoughts you’re likely to have behind the wheel of a Cayenne Turbo, “needs more power” ranks well behind “Whose deranged idea was this frightening machine?” But Porsche had to... Read More

    718 Cayman
    Starting MSRP:

    The Porsche Cayman, is a nearly perfect sports car. It’s usually easy to see how a car could be improved, even when it’s considered the segment’s latest and greatest, but this Cayman has us scratching our heads. Short of giving this coupe wings, or perhaps making it amphibious, we’re not sure how Porsche could do any better.... Read More

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    Major changes come the Porsche Panamera’s way this year, as the lineup expands to include a long-wheelbase Executive body style and a plug-in S E-Hybrid variant. A new twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 for non-hybrid S trims replaces the previous naturally aspirated 4.8-liter V8, and all models get standard variable-ratio steering. There are also a few subtle styling tweaks,... Read More

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    The Porche Macan promises Porsche levels of power output, cornering forces, and handling excellence, all in a compact wagon body that instantly telegraphs its Porsche identity from the outside,... Read More

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Porsche E-Performance

Plainview Porsche Specials | Syosset Luxury Cars

Porsche E-Performance is the answer to the questions of how to manage performance and fuel efficiency at the same time. Porsche has redefined what it means to combine efficient power generation with pulse-raising performance.

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Porsche Buyers Guides

East Northport Porsche Dealer | Plainview New & Used Cars

When it comes to purchasing a brand new Porsche, there are many buyers guide out there that can help you make the perfect decision. Ferdinand Magazine is among one of the top buyers guide suppliers, having created top quality guides for the Porsche 911, Porsche Cayenne and Porsche 968.

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Porsche Service & Genuine Parts

Long Island Porsche Service & Parts | East Northport Luxury Car Dealer

When it comes to Porsche, we exude top of the line quality from start to finish. That means every vehicle is assembled with extreme precision and is serviced with dedication every single time you hand it over to one of our technicians. We take pride in our vehicles, as well as each of the parts they’re made up of.

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Four New Porsches for the US

New York Porsche Specials | Huntington Station Luxury Vehicles

Living in the United States has many benefits, but any car aficionado can tell you that it sometimes has its drawbacks as well. Porsche owners, in particular, frequently find themselves salivating over models that are not available in their neck of the woods.

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The Experts Love the 2017 Porsche Cayenne

New York Porsche Dealer | Syosset 2017 Cayenne

Here at Porsche Huntington, we know the meaning of opulence, power, and elegance. That’s why we agree with the experts saying that the 2017 Porsche Cayenne is the luxury vehicle to beat. The Cayenne is Porsche’s largest SUV, making it ideal for every driver, whether you need to tote around a family in extreme style or are just looking to upgrade to a larger, more powerful vehicle for yourself.

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Panamera Hyrbid Transforming into Four-Door Spyder?

Syosset Porsche Dealer | New York Panamera Hybrid

Porsche dazzled spectators when it unveiled the Panamera 4E Hybrid in Paris, demonstrating that you can have a high-performance hybrid that is both stylish and efficient. Casual observation would suggest that Porsche would simply continue to hone the existing characteristics of the Panamera and focus on making it even more efficient without sacrificing any of its performance. It turns out that may not be the case.

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The 2018 Macan Gets a Facelift!

NY 2018 Macan Facelift | Plainview Porsche Dealer

In the SUV section, the current Porsche Macan is one of the few vehicles known for its performance. The 2018 Macan is seen to have been given a facelift, so you have a brand-new SUV with impressive design upgrades, several functions, and breakthrough technology. The revamped look, both inside and out, makes it stand out and is sure to give you a smooth, comfy ride.

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Porsche Presents New Panamera Models

Long Island Panamera Models | New York Porsche Dealer

Porsche has long worn the crown of sports luxury, producing some of the most recognizable vehicles in automotive history. It’s natural then that a great deal of scrutiny is placed on their actions and design decisions, particularly when new versions of a favorite model are released. Fear of change brings about the inevitable question, “Will this be the fall of the King?”

Not this year, gents.

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The 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S

NY 2017 Turbo S | New York Porsche Dealer

For decades, the 911 Turbo has been revered by car enthusiasts for its timeless quality. It made the top five in a 1999 international poll for Car of the Century and was only two of those to have been continuously produced since its inception. This has led many people to ask how Porsche could possibly have improved the 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S. To paraphrase designer Dilip Chhabria on the 911, “…it is difficult to alter the perfect design”.

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2016 Boxster vs 2017 718 Boxster: What’s the Difference?

NY 2016 & 2017 Boxster | Long Island Porsche Dealer

“A Porsche is more than just a vehicle. It is an expression of freedom and a unique attitude to life. It is the realization of a unique dream.” It was this visionary ethos which sparked the creation of both the 2016 Boxster and 2017 718 Boxster. 20 years after the very first Boxster debuted, Porsche has now restructured and streamlined its famous mid-engine roadster. Branded with the ‘718’ badge to pay homage to its legendary 1950’s and 1960’s racecar forbearers, the redesigned 718 Boxster honors its history while embracing the future. But when comparing the 2016 Porsche Boxster and 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster, what’s the difference?

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Performance is Yours in the Macan Turbo!

NY Macan Performance | Long Island Porsche Dealer

In the ever-growing class of compact SUVs, the incomparable Porsche Macan Turbo is one of the few that truly excites. As Porsche proclaims, “A Porsche is more than just a vehicle. It is an expression of freedom and a unique attitude to life. It is the realization of a unique dream.” And from this philosophy of racing heritage, the Porsche Macan Turbo was born. So, how could you possibly one-up this ultimate dream machine? Simple – add the new Performance Package.

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Welcome to the Porsche Experience Center

New Experience Center | Long Island Porsche Dealer

Los Angeles is the home of the new Porsche Experience Center. The second of its kind in the U.S., this 20 hectare site will welcome Porsche customers and fans to enjoy a unique and exclusive Porsche experience. The Porsche Experience Center will allow visitors to partake in a 90-minute driving program on a 6.5-kilometer test and development track. The track has eight training modules that include “two circuits, an off-road course, a dynamic area, a start control and acceleration straight as well as a low-friction circuit and a skid pan,” according to the Porsche press release.

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Experience the Panamera’s Impressive Sound Experience

New York Panamera Burmester | Long Island Porsche Dealer

Imagine sitting behind the wheel, cruising the streets of New York but feeling as though you are sitting at your favorite concert hall enjoying a live musical concert! The Panamera’s high-end sound system has been a Porsche standard, originally designed by Dieter Burmester, since 2009. For the first time, the Burmester sound system has undergone an evolutionary transformation. The Porsche Panamera not only engages your eyes with its gorgeous craftsmanship, but it also ignites another of your five senses with its impressive 3D Sound Experience.

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Porsche Has the Most Satisfied Customers!

NY Satisfied Customers | East Northport Porsche Dealer

In a press release published in July of this year, Porsche announced that it had, once again, “won the overall classification of the prestigious J.D. Power APEAL Study.” The Porsche 911, Boxster, and Macan also earned first place in their respective categories.

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Introducing the Thrilling 2017 Panamera

NY 2017 Panamera | New York Porsche Dealer

The new 2017 Porsche Panamera takes on two contrasting characteristics and blends them together into an outstanding automobile. Porsche has combined “the performance of a genuine sports cars and the comfort of a luxury sedan” to create the 2017 Panamera. This second generation model has systematic improvements with redeveloped and reengineered elements that make it an alluring vehicle to keep an eye out for.

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The Exclusive Porsche Cayenne: Platinum Edition

NY Cayenne Platinum | Long Island Porsche Dealer

Porsche will be offering a series of Cayenne Platinum Edition vehicles, a designation used to identify configurations only offered for a limited time. The Porsche Cayenne and Cayenne S E-Hybrid will be recognizable by their sport design, larger 20-inch RS Spyder design wheels, and a special interior with power adjustable sport seats with Alcantara® inserts, Porsche crests on the headrests, and unique stainless steel door sills featuring the Platinum Edition designation.

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Porsche Launches New Vehicle Delivery Program

NY New Delivery Program | Huntington Station Porsche Dealer

A new delivery program launched by Porsche Cars North America has changed the way you can experience ordering a new Porsche vehicle. The New Vehicle Delivery program was launched at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, Georgia during April of 2016. “The program enables customers to place a factory order for a new vehicle through any authorized Porsche dealer in the U.S. and take delivery directly from the experiential destination, located at One Porsche Drive in Atlanta,” according to the Porsche press release.

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Excitement is Yours in the All-New 2017 Porsche Macan!

NY 2017 Macan | Long Island Porsche Dealer

Who says you can’t combine the excitement of a sports car with the practicality of a four door SUV? “A hot-rod compact crossover might seem silly—until you get behind the wheel of a Macan and hit the gas,” Car and Driver says. The Porsche Macan is a luxury compact SUV that combines the best of both worlds with sport-car-like handling and a premium five-seater cabin.

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